Established in 2014, Hydra Glass company is known for it's excellence in high quality glass products and related services. We're involved in importing, distribution in terms of wholesale & retail of Float, Reflective & Laminated among other glass products. Services such as Flat Edge Beveling, Hole Drilling & Glass Fabrication are offered by us as well. We're the authorized distributors for Ghani Glass. We aim everyday to meet the highest standards in Industrial Glass Supplies and provide best before in after sales service.


Deliver Products & Services that are up to Industrial Standards while providing excellent After-Sales Service & Support for Customers.


To be a leader in South Asia's Glass Industry.

We Care Deeply About Your Requirements

We prioritize providing products & services that are most suitable for your needs. We put effort into crafting our glass and perfect it to realize your vision. Each part of the process considers every minute detail to ensure the design is actualized as intended.

We've been in the industry for years and have been growing steadily. Despite our growth, our commitment to customer satisfaction remains the same. We've embraced the 'Day One' approach that places your experience in the forefront and we hope that you're happy with our offerings as much as we are in serving your needs.


Parent Company of Hydra Glass, Linberry & Hydra Trading Company.

Hydra Trading Company are dealers in Accessories & Raw Materials for all varieties of Footwear. The offered range of products include Ladies & Gents' PU Soles, Fiber Boards, EVA Sheets, PU Materials, Glues, Heels, Rockstick, Buckles as well Ribbons and Elastics.


LINBERRY specializes in the production and processing of pillows, four-piece sets, pillow cores, cores and blankets. The brand is one of the Leading Suppliers of High Quality Hotel Linen and provide high quality, fully customizable product solutions ranging from Bath Linen, Bed Linen, Table Linen, Rugs and Back-House Linen


Leading Industrial Glass Manufacturer in South Asia and Pakistan's No.1 Glass Brand. Ghani has over half a century worth of experience in local & international business markets, primarily in the glass sector. The company has seven state-of-the art glass manufacturing plants in Pakistan which produces high quality Container glass, Float glass and Value Added Glass.

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