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Tempered glass is manufactured by chemical treatment or controlled thermal processes to increase its strength as compared to annealed glass.


Clear Float Glass is superior in quality when compared to other flat glass and has the unique characteristics of excellent surface finishing, flatness, uniform thickness, high optical quality and bright appearance.


Markerboards unlock creativity and allow for the clear detailed presentation of data and information. Different sizes and variants of marker boards are available for order.


Mirrored glass, also known as Reflective glass is a glass that has been treated with a metallic substance and offers mirror-like properties. These mirrored glass can be made specifically to serve as mirrors or reflective glass which is made for architectural or decorative purposes. We offer the best frameless mirrors on the market.


We provide all sorts of Shower Fittings including Hinges, Door Closers, Fixed Glass Clip, Glass Handles, Support Bars & Floor Springs. These fittings are available in several configurations to assist you in building your desired Shower Cubicle.


Tinted Glass reduces the amount of light transmitted through the glass. The amount of light blocked, the type of light to be blocked as well as the coating type can be custom according to your needs.

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Glass Fabrications

We are capable of performing various types of fabrications such as Lamination, Insulation, Decoration, Bending and Opacifying Glass. Our services uses state-of-art facilities to conduct the required fabrication.

Flat Edge

Flat Edges result in a sharp and clean look for the Glass. We use sophisticated machinery to remove all the imperfections and to achieve perfect smoothness.


Beveling slopes the edge of the glass. This shifts the center to be the thickest portion of the glass while the corners and the edges would be the thinnest. This is accomplished through extensive cutting and polishing of the glass.

Pencil Edge

Pencil Edges are achieved via rounding the side of the glass. This finish is used in furniture generally due to it being safer than other finishes. Smooth edges prevent potential injuries which maybe important in furniture which is placed in areas where people including children frequent.

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