Clear Float Glass

The float glass process is renowned for flatness and optical clarity. Clear Float Glass is superior in quality when compared to other flat glass and has the unique characteristics of excellent surface finishing, flatness, uniform thickness, high optical quality and bright appearance. We offer thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 12mm.

Applications: Furniture, Windows, Doors, Exteriors for Commercial and Residential buildings

Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass is made by treating glass with a film material or a coating. This reduces the amount of light transmitted through the glass. The amount of light blocked, the type of light to be blocked as well as the coating type can be custom according to your needs. Tinting is done for either cosmetic or privacy reasons. Tinted glass is also used in commercial buildings to keep the inside cooler, and has the added benefit of giving the outside of a building a more uniform, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Applications: Windows, Office Cabins, Partitions, Doors and Skylight

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is manufactured by chemical treatment or controlled thermal processes to increase its strength as compared to annealed glass. It has advantages over other glasses due to it's superior properties including high strength and increased safety as well as durability. We offer Tempered Glass in 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm variants.

Applications: Railings, Shower Doors, Passenger Vehicle Windows, Refrigerator Trays, and Architectural Doors, Windows and Tables.

Mirror Glass

Mirrored glass, also known as Reflective glass is a glass that has been treated with a metallic substance and offers mirror-like properties. These mirrored glass can be made specifically to serve as mirrors or reflective glass which is made for architectural or decorative purposes. We offer the best frameless mirrors on the market.

Applications: Gym Mirrors, Hotels & Homes

Marker Board

Markerboards unlock creativity and allow for the clear detailed presentation of data and information. Different sizes and variants of marker boards are available for order. They have higher durability and utilize an opaque coating applied to the unexposed surface of the glass, which results in a non-ghosting, writable surface. They provide a professional appeal without sacrificing the low maintenance and durability of a classic whiteboard.

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