Patch Fittings​

Our selection of fittings improves the aesthetic of the glass in which this will be used in. The finish is stainless steel which improves the feel and extends the use cases of the product.

Fittings are available in Bottom Patch, Top Patch, Overpanel Pivot Patch Glass to Wall, Overpanel Pivot Patch Glass to Glass, Overpanel to Side Panel, Lock Patch & L Patch configurations.

Shower Cubicle Fittings​

We provide all sorts of Shower Fittings including Hinges, Door Closers, Fixed Glass Clip, Glass Handles, Support Bars & Floor Springs. These fittings are available in several configurations to assist you in building your desired Shower Cubicle. Our fittings are corrosion resistant and reliable.

Sliding Systems

These systems are for your doors and windows where the opening & closing mechanism is through sliding. Sliding doors effortlessly combine state-of-the-art performance with stunning aesthetics. Our industry-leading and technically advanced solutions are perfect for a room with a view. Our systems have a smooth operation and is reliable. They also combine sensible practicality with sleek and modern aesthetics that make a design statement.


Adhesive that is Weather Resistant & Water Proof. It is flexible and versatile. Longer curing times make it apt for the application of bonding glass & gap filling.

Available in Black, White, Clear and Grey Bottle Size: 300 ML Shelf Life: 9 months to 12 month

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